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No chance of partnership so I must move

I fully support the drive to encourage practices to take on partners ( onevoice).

I have been a salaried GP at a practice for more than a year. I am the lead for diabetes, run minor surgery clinics and have a special interest in dermatology. I enjoy my work. The frustrating part is that there is only one partner on site – the other partners are at a different surgery. I and the six other salaried GPs have taken over the management of chronic illnesses.

Most salaried GPs in the surgery are frustrated that there isn't any opportunity to become partners. I wouldn't like to move as the people are great to work with and I have a bond with most of my patients.

I have started applying to other practices but I am likely to find just another salaried job, although maybe it will be with a view to partnership. There are tensions between the principals and we salaried GPs and sometimes we feel like second-class doctors who do most of the work.

I hope the situation changes as soon as possible.

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