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No such thing as an ‘ideal’ consultation

The stupidity about the ‘ideal' appointment time is that actually there is no such thing. GPs simply try to deal with the problem they are presented with.

Some patients only need a few minutes for relatively minor problems. Others with more complex problems require more time. Many consultations will last longer than 10 minutes. Most of us hope the total surgery will average out to be 10 minutes per patient but it hardly ever does. A surgery full of complex problems can run very late.

Since the start of the QOF consultations have become longer because of all the boxes we have to tick before we start on the presenting problems of the day. Having done this job for quite some time now I tend not to concern myself with a lot of this utter nonsense. I just get on with trying to help my patients.

Dr Barrie Davies
Tynewydd Rhondda, Wales