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Nurses could alleviate Med 3 burden

We have become aware of an issue that seems illogical and wasteful.

Our nurse prescriber, like any other, can prescribe freely for any condition within his competence, including Schedule 2–5 controlled drugs. Yet he is unable to issue Med 3 ‘well notes’. This is frustrating, as we partners are often booked up and patients with acute illnesses who go to the nurse practitioner sometimes need a Med 3.

Our nurse prescriber, Hayden Marriott, has been working as part of the campaign to get the Department for Work and Pensions to recognise the need for nurse prescribers to be able to sign Med 3s.

We urge you to support the petition or write to your LMC, the GMC, your MP or the DWP and ask for this group of experienced nurses to be given the right to sign Med 3 certificates.

Dr Hans de Vrijer, Brundall, Norfolk