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‘One-in-four adults’ to be prescribed statins, legal highs set to be outlawed and an ingenious excuse to order pizza

Several news outlets report on NICE’s new statin guidance this morning after after thresholds were lowered to include people with just a 10% heart attack risk. The Daily Mail says ‘one-in-four adults’ will now be put on statin drug therapy, which already costs £450m a year. Click here to read Pulse’s full coverage of the new statin thresholds

Drug legislation may be overhauled in response to the doubling in England and Wales of deaths in users of so-called ‘legal highs’. According to the BBC, the Home Office is now reviewing legislation.

Poland and Ireland have already changed legislation to tackle the rise in new chemical substances with close similarities to banned drugs, as it was estimated one new substance a week is uncovered in the EU.

Lastly, if this stormy February Wednesday is making you crave… pizza, the Daily Mail can help. It reports that scientists found a compound in oregano which ‘may help ward off the winter vomiting bug’. According to researchers, a plant compund found in the herb called Carvacrol is effective against the dreaded norovirus.

Pulse’s lay advice? Perhaps stay away from the buffet.