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OOH GP misdiagnoses stroke as vertigo, patient records lost and conspiracy theories abound

The health headlines on Friday 1 July .

The spectre of clinically negligent, foreign, out of hours GPs is raised again as the Mail reports on the death of a misdiagnosed stroke patient.

An appeal hearing heard that Nigerian-trained Dr Francisca Ogunbiyi twice refused to visit Jeffrey Wingrove, 48, after he collapsed at home with severe vomiting and crippling headaches.

Instead she decided he was suffering from vertigo and prescribed some anti-sickness drugs for his wife, Isabelle, to collect. Mr Wingrove, a father-of-two who ran marathons, died 48 hours later.

Meanwhile the Telegraph reports that millions of personal medical records have been lost by NHS trusts and hospitals, in the latest of a long series of data breaches which include staff losing laptops and memory sticks, and in one case faxing details of patients' operations to the wrong number.

On the subject of trouble in hospitals doctors from Great Ormond Street have written to The Lancet calling for independent investigators to be brought in amid mounting accusations of management cover-ups in the Baby P scandal, bullying and falling standards, the Independent says.