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Organisational Readiness Self Assessment (ORSA) report

From the Revalidation Support Team, the Organisational Readiness Self Assessment (ORSA) report has been published to provide a review of integrated clinical governance in the context of medical revalidation.

Sir Bruce Koegh writes, 'This report sets out, for the first time, a snapshot of the comprehensiveness of clinical governance and appraisal systems in the context of revalidation, for the health sector in England at 31 March 2011. The tool developed to capture this data, the Organisation Readiness Self Assessment (ORSA) tool, was developed by the NHS Revalidation Support Team (RST) and distributed to 562 bodies designated under the Medical Profession (Responsible Officers) Regulations 2010. 507 bodies completed ORSA returns, providing a 90% response rate.'

Click here to download the ORSA report.