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Other GPs who were nominated

Dr Nav Chana

Dr Tony Copperfield

Dr Jonathan Cope

Dr John Cosgrove

Dr Simon Curtis

Dr Michael Dixon

Dr Laura Edwards

Dr Amir Hannan

Dr Iona Heath

Dr Lucy Jenkins

Dr Chandra Kanneganti

Dr Steve Kell

Dr Colette Maule

Dr Masood Nazir

Dr Pawan Randev

Dr Zishan Syed

Dr Jonathan Tomlinson

Dr John Cormack

Dr Tony Grewall

Dr Clare Taylor

Dr Rosie Loftus

Dr Mike Holmes

Dr David Jenner

Dr Nigel Watson

Dr Kieron Earney

Dr Elliot Singer

Dr Simon Curtis

Dr Jamie Hynes

Dr David Haslam

Dr Martin Marshall

Dr Ellie Cannon

Dr Samir Dawlaty

Dr Louise Irvine

Dr Berge Balian

Dr Fay Wilson

Dr Gavin Ralston

Dr Mary O’Brien

Dr Vicky Weekes

Dr Mark Sanford-Wood

Dr Murali Nair

Dr Siobhan Brennan

Dr Helena McKeown

Dr John Hughes

Dr Robin Ramsay

Dr Amy Small

Dr Mo Jiva

Dr Lewis Ritchie

Dr Julian Treadwell

Dr Agnelo Fernandes

Dr John Spicer

Dr Tony Copperfield

Dr Ben Riley

Dr Amir Hannan

Dr Amanda Howe

Dr Louise Robinson

Dr Stewart Mercer

Dr Amanda Doyle

Dr Phil Hammond

Dr Mary McCarthy

Dr Rebecca Payne

Dr Rebecca Viney

Dr Hadrian Moss

Dr Naomi Beer

Dr George Farrelly

Dr Sally hull

Dr Guy Watkins

Dr Judy Shakespeare

Dr Richard Ma

Dr Tariq Chauhan

Dr Jonny Marshall

Dr Andrew Cowie

Dr Mike Pringle

Dr Sanjay Pitalia

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