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Out-of-hours home visits lottery; herbal remedies fear; sunshine boost to male libido

By Ian Quinn

Our roundup of the news headlines on Tuesday 2 February 2010.

The standard of out-of-hours provision in the UK continues to dominate the national health news agenda.

'GP home visit lottery' is the splash headline on the front page of the Daily Mail, with a story claiming doctors are agreeing to just one in 50 requests for out-of-hours home visits.

The paper quotes health secretary Andy Burnham as admitting out-of-hours services in some parts of the country are 'unacceptable'.

Both the Mail and the Daily Telegraph, which also carries the story, follow up on a report by the Primary Care Foundation, first covered by Pulse last week, which shows stark variations in the way providers respond to out-of-hours calls.

The Times carries news of a study raising fears over a range of popular herbal remedies.

It reports on research claims from the American College of Cardiology that supplements including St John's Wort, ginkgo biloba and garlic can work against the effectiveness of drugs prescribed for heart disease.

Several of today's papers also carry news of a more uplifting study after new research suggested a strong link between sunshine and men's interest in sex.

A report by Austrian researchers found an hour's exposure can increase libido by 69%... although few can remember the last time any man in Britain was exposed to an hour's sunshine without freezing to death before they had a chance to do anything about it.

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