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Outrage over swine flu bill, the wonders of olive oil and Elle Macpherson’s lovely genetics

By Nigel Praities

Our roundup of the health news headlines on Friday 2 July.

In a blatant, desperate attempt to squeeze the gorgeous Elle Macpherson into the Daily Digest (check out the latest pictures of her in some skin tight trousers here) we are focusing on the latest genetics research.

The Independent reports on a new genetic test that can predict if you will live to 100 years old. The test is based on a scan of the person's entire genome and has a prediction accuracy of 77%. According to experts the test is 'fairly unprescedented'.

As the lovely Elle says she ‘still has the same genetics' but has 'changed as a woman' (sigh).

The Daily Mail is filled with righteous outrage this morning against the Labour Government wasting £20 billion trying to close the health gap between rich and poor – a situation that ‘puts pressure on David Cameron to reconsider his controversial pledge to protect the NHS from spending cuts', says the newspaper.

The newspaper is also appalled at the £1.2 billion spent on the swine flu ‘pandemic that didn't happen'. This contrasts with the Guardian's headline that praises the pandemic prevention effort: 'Swine flu response was 1.2bn well spent review finds'.

Lastly, in great news for Jamie Oliver, olive oil has been found to be protective in breast cancer. Spanish researchers show it mounts ‘multi-pronged attacks' on cancer tumours, ‘stunting their growth, driving their cells to implode and protecting against potentially-cancerous damage to DNA'. Yowser.

Spotted a story we've missed? Let us know and we'll update the digest throughout the day.

Daily Digest - 2 July 2010