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Overcoming Anger and Irritability by William Davies

This book is a self-help guide of how to deal with anger and irritability using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques; it is part of the ‘Overcoming’ series. It is written by a practicing clinical psychologist and explores what makes us angry and why using case histories as examples. The book explores areas of ‘justified’ anger and the level of response an individual may have to a situation, helping the reader understand the consequences of their anger and highlights internal inhibitions. It is helpful in understanding how to diffuse anger and our responses to particular situations.

The author discusses other factors that may influence a response to a situation such as diet, exercise and sleep patterns. The second part of the book focusses on practical solutions, for example, keeping a diary of possible triggers, coming up with alternate beliefs and reviewing our behaviours.

This is an easy to read, insightful book that I would recommend to patients. It may be read in one sitting or in several and also referred to multiple times. It may be used in conjunction with seeing a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist or as a self-help guide. The book is available as part of the ‘Books on Prescription’ scheme.

Rating: 8/10

Dr Suneeta Kochhar is a GP in East Sussex