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Overtime ‘harms health’, ultrasound as a male contraceptive and the Mail’s fears over the health of women in gold bikinis

By Nigel Praities

Our roundup of health news headlines on Wednesday 12 May.

The Times covers a study in the European Heart Journal that shows working long hours is unhealthy.

The researchers followed 6,000 initially healthy men and women over 11 years and found even when age and lifestyle factors were accounted for, overtime was linked to a 56 per cent to 60 per cent increased risk of heart disease or dying compared with people who did not work extra hours.

The Daily Mail gleefully reports on ‘research' that shows glossy hair and a glowing complexion are not signs of good health. Illustrated by pictures of a lovely limbed lady in a gold bikini, the newspaper summarises research where members of the public were asked to identify who was most healthy from two photos.

Unsurprisingly they chose the tanned, slim female over a scruffy, pale looking male, but a battery of tests on both of them revealed the male was actually the fittest.

The Telegraph reports on a transsexual who has launched a legal challenge after the NHS refused to pay for a breast enlargement operation. The woman, named only as ‘C' – is claiming the decision by West Berkshire Primary Care Trust breaches her human rights.

The Telegraph also has news of the holy grail – a male contraceptive. Apparently exposing your sensitive bits every six months to a blast of ultrasound can prevent the testes from producing sperm. There are no side-effects, say US researchers, but there are questions about the long term effects on fertility.

I am more worried about where they are going to stick the probe.

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Daily Digest - 12 May 2010