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PM doubles dementia funding, Lansley upset over minimum alcohol pricing, and why bad brushing could damage your heart

Doctors and dentists could soon be joining forces in the battle to beat…heart disease, according to the Daily Mail.

The Paper reports that ‘failing to brush your teeth properly could lead to potentially fatal heart problems’ thanks to bacteria loitering in the mouth.

Scientists from the University of Bristol and the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin say these bacteria  can enter the blood stream and once there can cause blood clots which could trigger the rare condition infective endocarditis.

The BBC reports that ‘dementia research funding [is] set to rise to £66m by 2015′.

The Guardian also reports that David Cameron is set to double investment for research into dementia to make the UK a world leader in the area.

Apparently, the PM is to set out plans to step up research into cures and treatments to ensure that health and social care systems are equipped to deal with the problem.

The paper says: Mr Cameron will say: “One of the greatest challenges of our time is what I’d call the quiet crisis, one that steals lives and tears at the hearts of families, but that relative to its impact is hardly acknowledged”.’

The Telegraph offers some helpful tips to GPs from a patients’ point of view in an online diary-style article.  Christina Odone, deputy editor of the New Statesman, tells of her recurring ‘weak throat’ and resulting regular trips to her GP.

Her GP surgery wish lists includes: patience; fewer administration letters and thus less waste of resources (our family recently received five identical letters asking us to confirm our address, written in 12 languages including Albanian, Arabic and Turkish); and advance preparation.

The Independent reports that Andrew Lansley has dropped his opposition to the 40p alcohol tax in order to hang on to his place in the Cabinet, after the fall out from his handling of the NHS reforms. Mr Lansley is reported to be ‘furious’ with David Cameron for pushing ahead with his plans, despite the health secretary’s misgivings, but has accepted defeat on the move.

The paper quotes ‘one Tory MP close to the health secretary’  as saying: “Andrew is seriously pissed off, but he knows that after the PM backed him on his Bill he has got to smile and go along with it.” A friend of the minister added: “This is something that will inevitably cause a stink. Don’t be surprised to see Tory MPs saying publicly what Andrew has been saying privately”.’