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Prostate cancer sufferers to have chemo before drug, diabetes symptoms under the radar and the Parkinsons clue to actor suicide

Men in the UK are to be ‘unjustly’ denied a prostate cancer drug after a NICE ruling, the Telegraph says. The drug has been approved by NICE for use only after chemotherapy, although some experts said it could delay the need for chemotherap

A new mother has died aged 26 from type 1 diabetes after mistaking her symptoms of weightloss and fatigue on ‘the demands of motherhood’. Her fiance is hoping that by sharing her story in the Daily Mail, others may go see their doctors in time if experiencing similar symptons.

Legendary comedy actor Robin Williams had been diagnosed with Parkinsons disease when he died earlier this week, his widow has announced, with several papers speculating this may have impacted on the depression that drove him to suicide. There is no cure for the degenerative disease which affects the nerves in the brain, The Times reports.


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