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Protecting GP pensions: what action will you take?

Pulse’s No To 65 campaign has seen us collect almost 1,700 GP signatures in opposition to the Government’s plans to raise the GP retirement age and increase pension contributions, and we’ve now delivered the petition to 10 Downing Street.

But with pension talks between health unions and the Government about to get underway, we want to keep the pressure up. Following a vote at the BMA’s annual representative meeting, if ministers push ahead with their plans to cut pensions then GPs look set to be balloted on ‘all forms of industrial action’ – and we want to hear what forms of industrial action you would be willing to take.

As BMA representatives were keen to point out at the time, industrial action doesn’t necessarily mean a strike, and GPs would obviously be reluctant to do anything that could affect patient care. But other options have been mooted, such as working to rule, refusing to take part in commissioning or withdrawing from other Government-led initiatives such as Choose and Book.

Leave a comment below letting us know if you would support BMA-led industrial action to protect GP pensions, and if so, what forms of action you would be willing to undertake.

You can also email your ideas or messages of support to