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Pulse Telehealth Roundtable in association with 3millionlives

Pulse editor Steve Nowottny joined a panel of leading GPs and experts to discuss the future of telehealth and hear their views on the evidence, the impact on patients and the practicalities of rolling it out among GPs.

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The panel

Steve Nowottny Editor of Pulse – Chair




Dr Will Haynes GP with experience of telehealth and CCG board member, NHS Gloucestershire




Paul Hitchcock NHS workstream lead for 3millionlives, Department of Health




Dr Atul Kumar-Beurg GP and clinical director of primary care services at Solent NHS Trust. Formerly clinical director for Whole Systems Demonstrator study in Newham, east London




Dr Margaret McCartney GP in Glasgow and writer on evidence-based medicine




Dr Chaand Nagpaul  GPC lead negotiator on commissioning and IT and GP in Stanmore, north London




Professor Stanton Newman  Dean, school of health sciences, City University London and principal investigator on Whole Systems Demonstrator study





In segments:


Defintion of telehealth part 1

Defintion of telehealth part 2

Evidence relating to patient outcomes

Implementing telehealth solutions

Issues that may prevent GPs embracing telehealth

The patient experience: What about face-to-face contact

The next steps for telehealth

Summation of roundtable


Roundtable video commissioned by the Department of Health 3millionlives programme and editorially controlled by Pulse to a brief agreed with 3millionlives.

Event funded by 3millionlives.

A PDF of the article that appeared in Pulse can be downloaded here. You can also read the article online here.