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Pulse turns 50 this year

When Pulse first landed on GPs' doorsteps in 1960, England hadn't yet won the World Cup, there was no vaccine for measles and the old Etonian talking of a ‘wind of change' was Harold Macmillan, not David Cameron.

This year, we will be celebrating our 50th birthday – and a half-century of GP news, views, clinical guidance and financial advice.

In the run-up to our birthday on 15 March we will bring you snippets of the GP news of yesteryear, launch a search for the GP who has been in continuous practice for longest and offer all our readers the chance to record the most vivid memories of their careers.

On the birthday itself we have something special planned to celebrate the last 50 years of general practice, and some of the men and women who have made it great.

Pulse turns 50 this year Pulse turns 50 this year