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Pulse weekly: Was the ‘three-week cough’ campaign a success?

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Was the ‘three-week cough’ campaign a success?

When the Government launched a high-profile lung cancer awareness campaign in May 2012 urging patients with a cough for more than three weeks to visit their GP, it prompted immediate concern that practices would be swamped with the worried well (and even prompted Copperfield to start a campaign against campaigns). This week, it emerged that those fears may have been at least partially justified.

First, the good news. Figures published by Cancer Research UK show that the campaign resulted in an extra 700 lung cancer diagnoses. Some 400 of those were picked up at an early stage – a clear success story that was covered widely in the national media.

But further figures obtained exclusively by Pulse reveal that during the two-month campaign alone there were an additional 200,000 GP attendances for persistent cough in the over-50s and the overall impact is likely to have been even greater. As public health chiefs plan further awareness campaigns for next year, GP leaders have warned the profession’s capacity to absorb additional attendances is ‘not unlimited’. Let us know what you think here.

Other big news stories this week include a U-turn on support for burnt out GPs, pension scheme errors which have hit hundreds of GPs and GPs being asked to ‘proactively’ visit vulnerable patients over the winter.

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