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PulsePlus-Dermatology (3 CPD hours)

This  PulsePlus covers dermatology, starting with GP Dr Mandy Fry's key questions on eczema answered by associate specialist in dermatology Dr Elizabeth Ogden.
Learning objectives

This module will update your knowledge on key areas in dermatology:

  • Using emollients, antimicrobials and topical steroids in the treatment of eczema
  • Managing recurrent boils in primary care
  • Prescribing topical antibiotics for pitted keratolysis
  • Differentiating between primary skin disease and underlying circulatory disorder in the elderly
  • Using dermoscopy to diagnose pigmented melanocytic lesions and non-melanocytic lesions

 This module was first published on 7th July 2010 and was up to date with all key guidelines and evidence at that point. It will be reviewed as part of our routine update cycle by 7th July 2012 but will be updated sooner to reflect any key guideline changes.


Key questions on eczema:

Dr Elizabeth Ogden is an associate specialist in dermatology in Hertfordshire and a member of the Primary Care Dermatology Society executive committee.

Dr Mandy Fry is a GP in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, and senior primary care lecturer at Oxford Brookes University

Dermatology dilemmas:

Dr George Moncrieff is a dermatology GPSI in Bicester, Oxfordshire

Dr Thomas Poyner is a GP and honorary lecturer at the University of Durham

Dr Elizabeth Ogden is associate specialist in dermatology in Hertfordshire

Dr Stephen Kownacki is a dermatology GPSI in Wellingborough.

Dr Tim Cunliffe is a GPSI in dermatology and skin surgery in Middlesborough

Pitted keratolysis:

Dr Keith Hopcroft is a GP in Essex

Red legs in the elderly:

Dr Stephen Hayes is a GPSI in dermatology in Southampton and hospital practitioner in the lesion clinic at Southampton University Hospital Trust

Dermoscopy and diagnosis:

Dr Amanda Oakley is a consultant dermatologist in Hamilton, New Zealand

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