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Pulse’s NHS cuts investigation, EU blamed for doctor shortages and GP loses 800 patients after ‘reign of terror’

By Gareth Iacobucci

Our roundup of news headlines on Wednesday 21 April.

Pulse's investigation showing how the Government's programme of NHS ‘efficiency savings' is already translating into cuts to frontline services across the country receives widespread coverage in the national papers this morning, with the Mail and the Telegraph both covering the story.

Doctors have become 'slaves to the Euro Diktat'', according to the Mail, who report on a study which has found that doctors are looking after up to 400 patients a night on their own due to the lack of cover in hospitals.

The paper quotes experts who are warning that the situation is a 'disaster waiting to happen', and lays the blame for insufficient staff cover squarely at the 48-hour maximum working week - introduced under EU law last August.

Here's one to make your teeth grind (or rot). In the Telegraph, we hear of new research from the US which suggests that people are unknowingly eating up to 46 teaspoons of sugar a day, four times the recommended maximum, because of the amount being used in processed foods.

Is this the rudest GP in Britain? asks the Mail, as they tell us the tale of the ‘foul-mouthed doctor ' who apparently lost 800 patients in a ‘reign of terror' that left staff in tears.

In the Mirror, we hear that bad weather could make men more prone to prostate cancer, after scientists claimed that a lack of sun and cold temperatures may help explain higher rates of the disease in northerly parts of the world.

And in the Guardian, mp3 player users who listen to their devices at full volume have been warned that they are subjecting their ears to the same noise intensity as an aircraft taking off, and could be subjecting their ears to permanent damage.

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