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QOF tips, financial advice and practice management information – the best from 2013

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How we established a 40-practice federation to compete for bigger contracts

Dr Tim Reed discusses his experience in Suffolk

Q&A: Non-engagement with revalidation

Solicitor Andrea James answers key questions on GP non-engagement with the revalidation process

Five popular myths about the CQC, debunked

Solicitor Andrea James tackles some common misconceptions

Five steps to managing finances when a partner retires

Accountant Anthony Brand explains how to plan ahead

How we used text messaging to improve access

Dr Ariyike Oke on how SMS alerts reduce DNAs

Four common assumptions about GP whistleblowing

Lawyers explain what GPs should know before making a disclosure

Q&A: How the new ‘health tourism’ crackdown will affect GPs

Sofia Lind looks at what’s in store for GPs

Four ways to make reducing admissions pay

Experts on how to use service level agreements, the risk stratification DES and the QOF

Ten questions you need to ask before signing a data-sharing agreement

Dr Julie Sharman gives a checklist for practices

Six quick tips for GP commissioners to help manage conflicts of interest

Specialist solicitor Oliver Pritchard offers his advice

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2013 QOF: What’s worth doing and what’s not

Dr Gavin Jamie summarises the ‘must-do’ and ‘should-do’ indicators

How we became able to offer half-hour appointments

Dr Helen Wetherell describes how to manage high demand

Seven steps to returning to work after burnout

Psychotherapist Janet Weisz advises on how to ease back into work

Quick QOF tips, 2013-4: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

Dr Simon Clay offers his advice

The death of the GP blogger?

How new GMC guidance on doctors writing anonymously has divided the profession

Eight ways to improve management of test results

Dr Bryony Hooper on how to manage risks for the benefit of the patient and the practice

Seven habits of high-earning practices

Accountant Sue Beaton looks at what steps GPs can take to maximise profitability

Five key qualifications to look for when recruiting a GP practice receptionist

Ruth Long of First Practice Management offers advice

How we digitised our Lloyd George records for 60p each

Dr David Wilson’s practice reduced the volume of paperwork

How we survived our CQC inspection

Practice manager Rachel Duff on how to prepare staff and cope with inspectors