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Quotes of the year

Read our favourite GP soundbites from the past 12 months.

‘We shouldn't kid ourselves that this Secretary of State will be a softie' Dr Laurence Buckman at June's LMCs conference

‘It‘s like changing the captain of the Titanic after hitting the iceberg.' Dr Adam Skinner, GP in Westerham, Kent on GP inheriting PCT debt

'The last Government couldn't see further than the end of the underground map... now consortia will have to pick up the poisoned chalice' GPC negotiator Dr Peter Holden on Lord Darzi's legacy

'I won't able to do this at 65. I've dealt with 70 people today and I'm knackered' Dr Simon Ruffle, GP in Leeds, on the pensions crackdown

‘Great news –I've been seeing "emergency" wax in ears and all sorts of trivia due to these ridiculous targets' Dr Katharine Morrison on access targets being abandoned

‘I take great delight in telling patients they're too posh to be ill and to ignore the fact their needs are not being met, because funding is interminably directed to deprived areas' Dr Brian McGregor - York GP on plans to divert cash to commissioning groups in deprived areas

Dr Laurence Buckman