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Revealing letter, living wills, lightening skin and obesity

By Laura Passi

Our roundup of health news headlines on Wednesday 14 July.

A letter from the head of the NHS - David Nicholson - is at the centre of Guardian and Daily Mirror coverage this morning.

The left-leaning papers have seized on his comments that NHS management need to work with GPs to ensure the Government's commissioning revolution goes ahead.

The Mirror - who claims they have 'exclusive' coverage of the letter despite that it was sent to every NHS manager in the country - headline says 'NHS boss Sir David Nicholson: ConDem cuts will be chaos' due to the ‘deep-cutting health reforms'.

The Guardian highlights another aspect of the letter, the appointment of two very lucky 'NHS managers from regional quangos', who've been handpicked from the list of those to be cut or redeployed, to ease the transition from PCT to GP consortium on a salary of £200,000…

Daily Mail points out the potential pitfalls of living wills in its coverage of Richard Rudd, whose 'heart-wrenching plea for life was captured by a BBC crew'.

He had suffered severe spinal injuries and when asked if he wanted his life support machine switched off, he blinked to say he wanted to stay alive. ‘Anti-euthanasia organisations pointed out that Mr Rudd … would probably not be alive if he had written one [living will]'.

There is some interesting research in The Times with ‘Cybercream helps to make a whiter shade of male'. The male skin lightening cream doesn't contain space dust or anything like that the ‘cyber' aspect is the latest method of advertising, via ‘cyber' space ie. Facebook.

'Eating for two can lead to obesity' (who'd have thought it). The Daily Telegraph has reported that the old wives tale often said of pregnancy can ‘condemn women to a life of obesity and illness'.

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Daily Digest - 14 July 2010