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Rewind the trivia of the year with Pulse’s 2016 quiz

drug shortage question pill online

drug shortage question pill online

1. What did Public Health England say in July that everyone in the UK should be taking in autumn and winter?

a. Statins

b. Vitamin D supplements

c. Folic acid

d. SSRIs


2. In a document leaked to Pulse and the BBC in October, what did one NHS England director want to allow to ‘fail and wither’?

a. Jeremy Hunt’s garden

b. Community pharmacies

c. The CQC

d. Practices unwilling to ‘transform’


3. What unusual topic was Pulse’s August issue all about?

a. Strange GP hobbies

b. Good news

c. How the Illuminati are shaping the health service

d. Food and health


4. Who was nominated several times for Pulse’s Power 50 list in September, despite not being a GP?

a. Johann Malawana

b. Jeremy Hunt

c. Meryl Streep

d. Simon Stevens


5. How much did Pulse estimate the cost of seven-day GP access to be in November?

a. At least £500m

b. At least £1bn

c. At least £1.5bn

d. At least £3bn


6. What was the name of the campaign backed by the RCGP this year to reduce the denigration of general practice in medical schools?

a. Bin the banter

b. Ban the bash

c. Bar the bad-mouthing

d. Block the bitching

33 dr robert morley power50 2016

33 dr robert morley power50 2016 1200×800

7. What did Birmingham LMC leader Dr Robert Morley describe as a ‘bloody mess’ in June?

a. The vulnerable practice fund

b. The GPC’s summer party

c. GPs being told to prescribe branded pregabalin

d. Capita’s takeover of primary care support services


8. Which Pulse columnist revealed in August that they have set up a record label?

a. Dr Phil Peverley

b. Dr Zoe Norris

c. Copperfield

d. Dr Shaba Nabi


9. What proportion of GP child mental health referrals result in no treatment, as revealed by Pulse in July?

a. 12%

b. 30%

c. 50%

d. 61%


10. In May’s issue of Pulse, what did NHS chief executive Simon Stevens describe as a ‘great win for Pulse’?

a. The GP Forward View

b. Winning a ‘Magazine of the Year’ award

c. A new counselling service for burnt out GPs

d. Vulnerable practice funding for practices facing closure


11. Who described the GP Forward View as the ‘most significant piece of news since the 1960s’?

a. Dr Maureen Baker

b. Dr Chaand Nagpaul

c. Nigel Farage

d. Dr Richard Vautrey


12. There are still major gaps in the numbers of GP trainees in many areas this year, but which areas of the UK had fill rates of over 100%?

a. London and Thames Valley

b. London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex

c. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

d. Wessex, London and the East of England


13. There were big plans to import trained physician associates from the USA this year, but how many actually made it to Blighty, as reported by Pulse in February?

a. 1

b. 6

c. 10

d. 100

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BDZ – benzodiazepine – diazepam – sleeping pills – online

Source: ©Julian Claxton

14. Pulse columnist Dr Des Spence claimed that which class of drugs was the ‘new diazepam’?

a. NOACs

b. Muscarinics

c. Gabapentinoids

d. Pokemon GO


15. Who famously got a ‘needs improvement’ rating for patient safety this year from CQC inspectors?

a. Dr John Chisholm

b. Dr Maureen Baker

c. Professor Steve Field

d. Donald Trump


16. What percentage of NHS funding was spent on general practice this year?

a. 5%

b. 8%

c. 10%

d. 59%


17. ‘We want doctors to feel protected’. Who said this to Pulse in January?

a. GMC chief executive Niall Dickson

b. BMA chair Dr Mark Porter

c. RCGP president Dr Terry Kemple

d. Scottish health minister Shona Robison


18. How many people did one NHS staff member accidentally send a ‘reply all’ email to this year?

a. 510,000

b. 840,000

c. 984,000

d. 1,405,000

resign button background 3x2

resign button background 3×2

19. Which area of the UK is currently balloting GPs for mass resignation in the New Year?

a. Guernsey

b. Scotland

c. Wales

d. Northern Ireland


20. What area of work did NHS England’s head of primary care say was his ‘number one priority’ in October?

a. Making GP practices ‘one stop shops’

b. The vulnerable practices fund

c. His new kitchen extension

d. A peerage




1B; 2D; 3D; 4A; 5C; 6B; 7D; 8A; 9D; 10C; 11A; 12B; 13B; 14C; 15C; 16B; 17A; 18B; 19D; 20B


Over 15 points – You are the absolute don of GP news and trivia. The Pulse team salute you.

10-15 points – Respect. You have been paying attention this year.

5-10 points – Mark this down as a CPD hour and move on.

Below 5 points – Never mind. We prescribe a daily dose of Pulse so you can do better next year.