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Sandwich headache, stressed out mums and why Boots is gearing up to offer x-rays

Our round-up of the health headlines on Wednesday 20 July.

Do you guiltily stuff your face with more than one sandwich at lunch time? Well you should feel bad because they could be causing you headaches. According to the Mail, scientists have found that ham sandwiches contain tyramine and preservatives which trigger blood flow to the brain, triggering headaches.

A female nurse has been arrested in connection with the deaths of three patients who were poisoned by contaminated saline solution. Sky News reports the 26 year-old nurse was arrested after detectives interviewed 60 medical staff at the hospital in Stockport.

Fancy popping down to the local shop for a heart scan? Not quite the same as asking suggesting the pub. It could be a reality if Government plans to offer more services through private providers on the high street get the go ahead. The Mail reports Boots could soon offer heart scans, blood pressure tests and even x rays in its stores throughout England.

 We all know kids love to blame their parents for mentally scarring them through a lifetime embarrassment, but what about doing it while their still in the womb? The Telegraph writes stressed out mums-to-be could be mentally scarring their unborn children for life. Researchers have discovered that children of mothers who were victims of domestic abuse had genetically different stress responses to those who were not.

The Express writes today heart patients who stop taking prescribed aspirin are two thirds more likely to have a heart attack. People with a history of heart disease who stop taking their daily dose are 60% more likely to suffer a heart attack compared to those who continue to take their medication.

NHS services worth billions are to be offered to private health firms and charities the health secretary, Andrew Lansley said yesterday. Patients will be given the choice to choose services from charities and private health firms across eight areas of the NHS the Independent reports. Services include back and neck pain and speech and language therapy.

The High court is hearing the case of a man who wants to have his partners life support turned off even though she is not in a persistent vegetative state. The man (who cannot be named) wants his partner's feeding tube stopped because he says she does not want to live anymore. The women in question can not speak so her partner and sister claim to be speaking on her behalf.