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School for Scandal

This week’s blog goes where angels fear to tread: Medical School.

She felt a stranger’s hand as cruel and as smooth as stone pressing into her lower back. It forced her through a narrow doorway into a room that was filled with dark green lubricious shadow, a gas light flicked and hissed in grotesque affirmation.

She handed over a case that she had been clutching nervously to her chest. It was all her family had, it was all she could afford, she hoped that it would be enough. He rolled the lock and snapped open the case.

The money was taken out, weighed and bagged, and a barbed wire silence coiled its way between them. As she left he flashed her a flick-knife smile and she saw that his soul was as dark and as hollow as her empty briefcase.

The door swung shut: the plaque read, ‘Medical School Admissions’.

Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Aberdeen

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