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Scottish LMCs conference 2012: LIVE BLOG

Thursday 22 March

16.04 Onto revalidation and GPs vote that it should not go ahead until remediation has been properly resourced by the NHS...and is provided without financial penalty to GPs.

15.38 Conference backs call to end 'with immediate effect' Work Capability Assessments performed by Atos Healthcare, to be replaced with 'a rigorous and safe system that does not cause avoidable harm to some of weakest and most vulnerable in society'.

15.04 We're now in soapbox territory - a GP who last year proposed a tax on chocolate is this year turning his attention to beverages. He says to 'leave off fizzy drinks' and that they're not as bad as diluted juices! I wonder why that one didn't make the full debate list...

14.38 LMCs call on the SGPC to develop a process with the Government to ensure GPs are 'fully informed of all immunisations, whoever administers them, for example, schools'.

14. 20 GPs have called on NHS 24 to ensure staff are qualified and skilled enough to triage patients accurately and safely. Dr Andrew Buist, Deputy Chairman of the BMA's Scottish General Practitioners Committee said: "NHS 24 has improved over the last few years, but the service isn't developing as quickly as it needs to.  It is important that NHS 24 prioritises its primary function of out of hours call handling to maintain and help improve the delivery of high quality out of hours services that meet public expectations.  We hope to continue to work with NHS 24 on service improvements."

14.04 In order to tackle the escalating obesity epidemic, GPs have voted that all foodstuffs should be clearly labelled with their potential health impact and for nutritional education to be made a compulsory component of the national curriculum in schools. 

12.17 GPs back a motion calling for business and management to become a 'routine part of medical undergraduate curriculum'.

11.40 GPs back motion calling on other UK nations to follow Scotland's lead and adopt minimum price for alcohol legislation.

11.23 Gareth Iacobucci who is at the conference for Pulse has just grabbed a word with GPC deputy chair Richard Vautrey, who is in attendance with ther est of the UK negotiating team. His take on the Scottish contract vote? 'I think it's acknowledged that we're better together'.

10.17 Despite her wish for a more Scottish contract, Scottish Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon said earlier she didn't want a wholesale re-negotiation of GMS. It seems GPs agree...this Tartanisation idea seems very popular.

10.15 GPs overwhelmingly reject motion calling for SGPC to negotiate a wholly new Scottish contract, but overwhelmingly support a motion calling for the 'Tartanisation' of the exisiting contract to add more local flexibilities.

09.57 In his last speech as SGPC chair, Dr Marshall gets a big round of applause. Words to his successor: 'Enjoy yourself, it's all downhill from here!'

09.55 Dr Marsahll says Government must engage with SGPC if they want to make changes to contract, not just to patient groups and other professional bodies. 'We are the representatives of our profession and noone else can or should attempt to influence our negotiations'.

09.52 Dr Dean Marshall takes a firm stance on pensions: 'You must vote in the BMA's ballot' gets strong applause fom those present.

09.43 Ms Sturgeon is now talking about some of the reasons for considering breaking up the UK-wide contract.

'We have a health service in England that is barely recognisable,' she says, addding that she doesn't want Scotland to get 'dragged along in the slipstream'. She also says Scotland has public health issues which are 'different to the rest of the UK'.

09.39 Now Ms Sturgeon turns her attention to pensions.

'I share your anger,' she tells GPs, adding that it was 'galling' to be dictated to by the coalition and says Government

09.32 This is the big one, and the big question hanging over the whole conference today - should there be a separate Scottish GP contract?

Nicola Sturgeon thinks there should be: 'It's time to think again about the scope of teh contract. Our focus needs to be on local health service integration. I am talking about a new Scottish focused contract.'

09.20 Nicola Sturgeon tells the conference that the passage of the health bill was a 'bleak moment for the health service in England'.

'It is wrong-headed. It is privatisation and a betrayal of everything the NHS stands for,' she says.

Her words clearly go down well with most conference delegates.

09.00 The conference is about to get underway, and will be opening with an address from Scottish health secretary Nicola Sturgeon.

Unfortunately Wifi in the Beardmore Conference Centre in Clydebank, where the conference is being held, is currently down - Pulse chief reporter Gareth Iacobucci will be texting through updates in the meantime.

Wednesday 21 March

16.30 Welcome to Pulse's live coverage of the 2012 Scottish LMCs conference.

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