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Scrap the Summary Care Record; the NHS patient left surrounded by dead bodies; the sex life of 80-year-olds

By Ian Quinn

Our roundup of the news headlines on Wednesday 10 March.

The BMA’s call for the Summary Care Record rollout to be shelved dominates the health news in today’s papers.

The story makes the front page lead in today’s Daily Telegraph, which reproduces big chunks of Dr Hamish Meldrum’s letter to health minister Mike O’Brien, which is covered extensively in Pulse’s online news today.

It reports the body’s claim that patients’ confidential records are being placed on the controversial database without their knowledge, sparking renewed calls from opposition politicians for the scheme to be scrapped.

The Times focuses on the lack of information being sent to millions of patients as Connecting for Health attempts to speed up the rollout, despite a lack of evidence that the records will bring major health benefits.

The Daily Mail says the Government has been accused of rushing the project through, with the headline ‘private medical records go online.’

The Mail has better news in the shape of a discovery of a virus that kills off prostate cancer cells.

However, on the subject of killing things off, its opposing page carries the morbid story of a patient with pneumonia who found herself left in a hospital bed beside the body of a dead patient for eight hours, with several other corpses nearby behind thin curtains.

At least the room was quiet. The Daily Mirror also features the gruesome tale, which may explain just why the Government wants more patients to be able to die at home.

But both the Telegraph and the Mail provide even more stomach wrenching news in the form of a report that men who keep themselves fit can expect to keep their sex life going well into their eighties.

According to health experts from Texas, men who keep themselves fit can expect to keep their sex life going well into their eighties, although those ageing bucks might find themselves facing a mighty scrap for willing partners. The researchers found just 11.4 per cent of women in the 75-85 age bracket were interested in sex.

Daily Digest – 10 March 2010