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Sex to be replaced by IVF, Homeopathy accused of being ‘witchcraft’ and why odd things are happening British women’s bras

By Nigel Praities

Our roundup of health news headlines on Monday 17 May.

We are not easily shocked here at Daily Digest, but the Mail's claim this morning that baby-making is to become a sexless activity in a decade had us spitting out our morning coffee.

Yes – within ten years we will all be using IVF rather than doing the dirty to carry on the family name, according to ‘scientists' (actually an Australian vet, but who are we to split hairs). Sex will merely become a ‘leisure activity', alongside ten-pin bowling or gardening. Now there is something for the CV.

On to more serious matters, the BMA junior doctors conference has been making headlines with claims that homeopathy is nothing more than ‘witchcraft' (spits out coffee again).

According to the Herald this morning, Dr Tom Dolphin, deputy chairman of the BMA's junior doctors committee, told the conference: ‘Homeopathy is witchcraft.

‘It is a disgrace that nestling between the National Hospital for Neurology and Great Ormond Street there is a homeopathic hospital paid for by the NHS.' A future Buckman in the making.

According to the Observer this weekend ‘odd things are happening in women's bras' (chucks half-empty coffee in bin). Yes, the average British bra size has jumped two sizes - from 34B to 36D - while women's backs have only grown one size.

Rising levels of obesity only partly explain the ‘big boob bonanza' and the newspaper put it all down to a not unwelcome ‘ongoing evolution' of the female form.

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Daily Digest - 17 May 2010