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Sick note or silly season?

Pulse's summer competition invites readers to take a sideways glance at general practice. The best entries will win a signed copy of Copperfield's new book.

What was the strangest gift you ever received from a patient? Or the most bizarre GANFYD? Or the most downright bonkers patient complaint?

General practice is a serious business, but we all know it can also be ridiculous. If you've got a good anecdote, we want to hear from you.

Write your experiences below in the comments, or if you prefer, email us at The pick of the crop will be printed in Pulse - and the best 10 will win signed copies of Sick Notes by our legendary columnist Dr Tony Copperfield out now from Monday Books.

Our categories are:

  • Strangest gift from a patient
  • Shortest consultation
  • Most bizarre GANFYD
  • Best malapropism from a patient
  • Least convincing request for a sick note
  • Most ridiculous complaint
  • Most incomprehensible management jargon

Write your experiences below, or email

Sick note or silly season?