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Statin prescriptions increase 20-fold, the dangers of sitting – and a happy 63rd birthday to the NHS

Our roundup of the health news headlines on Tuesday 5 July.

Don't sit down, go easy on the painkillers and stay optimistic - that's the considered health message from today's newspapers today.

A study of 69,000 nurses carried out by researchers has found that those who spent more than 14 hours a week sitting doubled their chances of getting a pulmonary embolism we're told.

Taking ibuprofen and other commonly used painkillers every day can increase the risk of strokes by up to 40%, a study of 30000 patients reported in the Mail reveals.

It's not all bad news though - the Mail also reports that people now have a reason to be a little smug. Research has shown that people who are more self-satisfied have fewer heart problems during their lifetime. Researches who carried out the study are still not sure why, because the findings still stood when issues such as weight and blood pressure were factored in.

statin prescriptions have risen dramatically with seven million patients now taking the drug, a 20-fold increase since 1981. The Telegraph reports that the cholesterol lowering drugs are increasingly being issued despite concerns over the side effects. The figures were published by the British Heart Foundation which celebrated its 50th anniversary yesterday.

And finally, talking of anniversaries, today is the NHS' 63rd birthday - and you'll never guess who's heading up the celebrations...

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