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Swedes pile on the pounds, exercise ‘conquers hunger’ and why Mars bars are getting (slightly) better for you

By Neha Pathak

Our roundup of health news headlines on Wednesday 25 August.

For those who have fallen into a blissful sleep for the last century the papers today confirm some of our greatest fears.

The Daily Mail reports 'A moment on the lips does lead to a lifetime on the hips', following a recent study of 18 svelte Swedes (gold medal to anyone that can find a Swede that isn't svelte) who were asked to double the number their calorie intake for a month. The results (drum roll please): a gain of a whole stone in weight. Shocking.

On the same page, the Mail provides false hope reporting on the same page that 'A Mars a day is about to become better for your heart'. The chocolate bar is set for a 15% saturated fat reduction, sadly this only reduces the calories in a bar by one.

But fear not! The Independent comes to the rescue with the age old remedy of exercise: 'Exercise can help conquer hunger'. Brazilian researchers claim that in addition to burning calories, exercise increases the signals fired by neurons controlling appetite in the hypothalamus. Diet and exercise – who knew this was the key?

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Daily Digest - 25 Aug 2010