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Teacher concerns over pupil mental health, fewer organ donations and the vending machines dispensing salad

Head teachers have painted a worrying picture about the states of mind of their pupils in a survey showing that two thirds have concerns about children’s mental health.

The Independent details the findings, which emerged from a survey of 1,000 head teachers  by The Key, an organisation providing management support to schools.

The same survey from last year showed that just 14 per cent were concerned about pupils’ mental health.

Catherin Roche, chief executive of the children’s mental health charity Place2Be, said: ‘This report chimes with our own experience and discussions with head teachers, who tell us that pupils’ poor mental health affects their ability to concentrate in class and to learn.’

Shrinking numbers of people in the UK are willing to donate organs, figures from the NHS Blood and Transplant organisation show. The Mirror reports that the number of transplants carried out in the UK fell by 5% last year to 4,431, indicating that 224 fewer people received a life-saving organ transplant. An NHS Blood and Transplant spokesperson said: ‘We cannot hope to save more lives unless UK citizens talk about organ donation with their families and agree to donate if ever they are asked.”

The Daily Mail describes how the UK will soon follow Japan and the United States by having dispensing machines that provide salads and hot lasagnes rather the run-of-the-mill crisps and chocolate.

This is based on a prediction by ‘food futurologist’ Dr Morgaine Gaye, who argues that the UK is moving away from its three-meals-a-day tradition and becoming a nation of snackers. She added: ‘There are some brilliant ideas around the world. Vending is really going to come into the UK in a big way.’


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