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The backlash against the White Paper begins…

By Laura Passi

Our roundup of health news headlines on Monday 19 July.

We begin this week's round-ups with yesterday's Observer, which over the weekend drew attention to the damage that ‘Lansley's health reforms' could have on the care of the mentally ill. Former health secretary and Labour health spokesperson Andy Burnham is reported to have said that the impact on this group ‘just doesn't bear thinking about.' And in their comment section, the Observer leads with 'The coalition could damage your health'.

Meanwhile, the Sunday Mirror hosted a comment piece by Andy Burnham which refers to past ‘revelations that the boss's wife at Care UK was bankrolling Mr Lansley's private office'. He then questioned the influence of private health companies during the formation of the White Paper.

A host of nationals covered our exclusive story regarding dangerous inaccuracies in summary care records. The Daily Telegraph, and The Daily Mail followed up with a quote from the Department of Health, which explained that they are 'reviewing the content of the record' and the situation.

The Independent announces on its front page: ‘Scientists unveil an innovative and cheap method of delivering vaccines without the need for needles'. The patch has 100 micro needles that deliver vaccinations to the immune systems cells present in the skin.

And if all this was just a little too heavy, The Sun's website informs us that 'Seafood sarnie boosts sex life' with the truly inspired pun ‘Prawn to be wild'. It then lists other healthy sandwiches following the introduction of the 600-calorie lasagne sandwich in Tesco.

Spotted a story we've missed? Let us know and we'll update the digest throughout the day...

Daily Digest - 19 June 10