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The man who nearly lost his testicles for charity, and others.

By Lilian Anekwe

Our roundup of health news headlines on Thursday 17 June.

I'm edging towards my holiday and I think, along with World Cup fever, it's made me come over all giddy-like.

Writing this Daily Digest, I think it reflects my mental state: a gentle yet progressive decline from the sublime to the ridiculous and then hurtling recklessly to the damn right bonkers.

Starting with the serious story – well, there has to be one to fill my quota. Labour candidate Andy Burnham has urged the new Government to withdraw its pledge to increase the NHS budget in real terms, in an interview with The Guardian.

Now that's out the way we can move on to the slightly hysterical. A report on the Summary Care Record has questioned it's value and claimed that millions of people have unknowingly given their consent to have their medical records put online, the Daily Telegraph says.

Now the ridiculous: Making a mockery of the Government's choice agenda, a man was refused a hospital referral after the much-vaunted Choose & Book system pronounced him dead, the Daily Mirror says. The solution for this untimely and inconvenient case of death? Why, go and see your, GP. Of course!

Then onto the burgeoning urban legend. Area man's bikini wax charity stunt goes horribly wrong, nearly loses testicle. Read all about it in the Daily Mail.

Or how a ‘Brazilian nearly cost me my nuts' in The Sun. Be warned: The Sun has a photo that is seriously indecent: no-one should show that amount of pasty flesh in public. Think of the children!

And no Daily Digest would be complete without some miracle cures, duly provided by the good folks at the Daily Mail. A blood test could predict multiple sclerosis nine years before symptoms start.

Keeping with the miracle theme, miracle doctors cured a miracle baby with a miraculous treatment – artificially lowering his temperature to 33.4 degrees for four days.

As a copious tea drinker (so much better than coffee….), I was thrilled to read that tea is just as good as water at keeping me hydrated.

Lastly, the deeply disturbing….. one man in every 50 will suffer from the male menopause, according to the Daily Mirror. Classic symptoms include fatigue, depression and impotence, which suggests many of my ex-boyfriends may have been teetering on the brink of The Change. What are the odds?

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Daily Digest - 17 June 2010