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The NHS manager ‘revolving door scandal’, NHS fat cats and NHS fat kids

By Ian Quinn

Our roundup of health news headlines on Tuesday 20 July.

Doomed NHS managers have got enough on their plate at the moment, you would think, but the Daily Mail has come up with some fresh servings today.

The paper warns of what it calls a huge 'revolving door' scandal in the making, with the ‘news' that many of the PCT managers consigned to the scrap heap under Andrew Lansley's plans may end up staying in the health service and working for GP commissioners.

The Mail is not happy that trust bureaucrats could jump ship, especially if they take their fat cat redundancy packages with them, despite leading GP leaders warning that the task of GP commissioning will be impossible unless the best NHS managers remain in the fold.

From overpaid fat cats to overweight fat kids, or not as the case may be, as the Mail slams trust chiefs in Derby who wrote to the parents of two ‘healthy, happy children' warning them that they had been found to be at possible risk of health problems by a national child measurement programme.

The parents, so angry at the potential impact on their children that they decided to parade them for the cameras of the national press, say they are ‘horrified' at the upsetting intervention.

At least Jamie Oliver didn't turn up on the doorstep offering to feed them healthier lunches.

The Guardian carries a front page story on a study showing a new vaginal gel used by women before sex can half the risk of HIV infection.

Meanwhile today's papers also carry the heartbreaking story of a stroke victim with so-called locked in syndrome who has begun a legal test case to try to win the right for his wife to assist in his death without facing prosecution. Under present laws, reports The Times, helping her husband to die would put Jane Nicklinson in the same category as a suicide bomber.

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Daily Digest - 20 Jul 2010