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The story so far

Dr Deshani Shan, Pulse's fifth 'GP to be' blogger, charts her route into general practice

I'd wanted to work at St Thomas's Hospital since my dad took me there for tea and cake in Toms 2, the legendary hospital cafe, shortly before UCAS forms were due in. I remember gazing across the Thames at Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and thinking, 'I'd love to work here one day'.

I think it was the cake that clinched it.

So spawned the decision to train at GKT. I left six years later clutching my MBBS and a BSc in perhaps the most interesting but clinically irrelevant subject ever, for GPs at least: Developmental Neurobiology.

I F1'd in Brighton, or London-On-Sea as it's affectionately called these days, and returned to SE1 for F2 in St Thomas's, which included a stint in general practice. I hadn't expected to love general practice but went in with an open mind and came out hooked. This was what I was born to do, I thought.

I joined the amazing King's College VTS in 2008, collected the now seemingly standard diplomas in Child Health, O&G and Family Planning over ST1 and ST2, and in August 2010 started my Registrar year in the heart of ghetto-fabulous Camberwell, with a really lovely bunch of people at Concordia Parkside.

The rest remains unwritten.


Dr Deshani Shan is a GP Registrar at Concordia Parkside, a BMA Committee member for Greater London GP Trainees and Lead Group Secretary for Kings College VTS.

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