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Time for Lansley to go

Politicians of all colours suffer from selective hearing loss but Andrew Lansley and David Cameron are stone deaf, particularly when they are told these reforms are not only fundamentally flawed, but unworkable

The only right way forward is scrapping the bill and asking Lansley to move from the Department of Health. First he sets out reforms for which there is no mandate. Second, this bill has been so badly managed that it is now impossible to trust him to deliver his brief.

PCTs are struggling to meet their financial challenge; this mismanagement has already cost the NHS billions in poor management and lost talent.

His arrogant, bone-headed refusal to contemplate any idea other than his own has left us halfway down the path of one reform, which we're going to have to morph into another, which will lead to a third one in 2015. And every month, PCTs have to save millions with this anarchy going on around them. In any walk of life, that's P45 time. Lansley should be no different.

Dr Kailash Chand, Chair, NHS Tameside and Glossop, via