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Tory comments ignore female GPs’ value

Part-time GPs usually work around 40 hours a week in total, it’s just that their income doesn’t reflect this. Maybe as a profession we should be more accurate and rename full-time partners as ‘double-time’ GPs, and part-time as full-time – then those Tory MPs would understand things better.

Dr Christine Carr, Leeds


I started in an all-male, all-full-time practice and now this has changed to a half-and-half, where I am the only full-time (nine-session) GP. In my view, the practice has been improved immeasurably during this time – we are far better at dealing with the needs and wants of our patients.

What really changed was that we used to do all our own on-call. However the workload became intolerable and we had to drop this after the GMS contract came in. I could not see a return to the old system of covering the practice internally as my part-time female and male partners would simply not countenance it – we now provide a better in-hours service and workload is more manageable.  

Dr Peter McEvedy, Blyth, Northumberland