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True GP heroes of the year

Tom Black 300x300

Tom Black 300×300

Dr Tom Black

The chair of the Northern Irish GPC is showing imaginative leadership in his fight to increase resources for the profession. He isfollowing through his threat to submit mass resignation letters– which had the support of 97% of Belfast GPs at a recent meeting – if the Government doesn’t increase funding.

dr jennifer bute 330x330px

dr jennifer bute 330x330px

Dr Jennifer Bute

The retired GP from Southampton describes her early-onset dementia as ‘an unexpected gift’ and has used her experience on both sides of the consulting desk to raise awareness of what it’s like to have Alzheimer’s. 

dr neil margerison330x330px

dr neil margerison330x330px

Dr Neil Margerison

This GP braved the Cumbria floods at the start of the year, taking a boat to treat patients in a village cut off by rising water and showing just how far he would go to do a morning surgery.

Naomi Beer 300x300

Naomi Beer 300×300

Dr Naomi Beer

The London GP was the author of a blistering attack on the Government, warning then Prime Minister David Cameron that general practice was no longer safe for patients. Her letter, signed by more than 170 doctors, said: ‘We are seeing the destruction of what many regard as the “jewel in the crown” of the NHS.’

Peter Swinyard 300x300

Peter Swinyard 300×300

Dr Peter Swinyard

The Family Doctor Association chair made a mockery of NHS England’s insistence that GPs publish their income. Using the stipulated methodology, his income came up as £23,000. Slightly less than the £100,000 regularly quoted by the national media.

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