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Union votes for strike, Jolie leads to increased breast cancer testing and girl born without blood survives

Members of one of the UK’s largest health sector workers union have voted for strike action over Jeremy Hunt’s decision to ignore the independent pay board’s verdict and award staff a below-inflation pay rise.

The Guardian reports that 68% of Unison members in England voted in favour of the strike, and the union represents 300,000 workers in the NHS.

Unison general secretary Dave Prentis said: ‘It’s not too late for Jeremy Hunt to act to avoid this and… we repeat our offer to the Government to negotiate with us.’

GPs referred twice as many women for genetic testing on breast cancer risk factors last year, in the wake of actress Angelina Jolie announcing she was a carrier for a risk-increasing mutation, BRCA1.

The Telegraph reports the genetic mutation can indicate a 90% increased risk of breast cancer, and Ms Jolie went on to have a risk reducing double-mastectomy in the wake of her diagnosis.

Gareth Evans, professor of clinical genetics at Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention, said: [Ms Jolie’s actions] may have lessened patients’ fears about a loss of sexual identity post-preventive surgery.

And finally, the Metro reports on a heartwarming story that has emerged – a girl born without a droplet of blood survived following three blood transfusions.

Emma Vignes, 31, absorbed all of her daughter’s Maisy’s blood during pregnancy in what is believed to be a medical first. Maisy, now four, enjoys her first few weeks at primary school.


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