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Update your defence body on changes to your status

While the pressures of general practice may make it tempting to delay administrative tasks to focus on patient care, we hope GPs will not put off informing their medical defence organisation (MDO) of any changes to their practice, such as moving from specialist training to full GP status or increasing the number of sessions worked.

The National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS), which helps NHS bodies and doctors where there are allegations of poor performance, has informed MDOs that it is aware of several instances in which doctors have not been appropriately indemnified. This has added to the anxiety of the doctors who are facing investigation, as well as leaving them vulnerable to further criticism, for example by the GMC.

By keeping your MDO updated on your working circumstances, GPs benefit from the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you can seek assistance with investigations by your trust, as well as GMC investigations, clinical negligence claims, inquests and any other matters arising from their clinical care of patients.

GPs are also advised to check their renewal documents carefully each year to ensure the details reflect their current working circumstances and contact their MDO as soon as possible if they have a change to make

Dr Matthew Lee, Head of Professional Services, MDU
Dr Stephanie Bown, Director of Policy and Communications, MPS
Dr Jim Rodger, Head of Professional Services, MDDUS
Dr Peter Old, Associate Medical Director, NCAS