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Vaccine ‘cure’ for diabetes, tobacco plain packaging ‘likely’ and sex in seventies boosts memory

Front page news in the Daily Express this morning is a report that UK scientists are working on a vaccine that they hope could lead to a cure for diabetes.

Four new studies – backed by charities Diabetes UK and the Junior Diabetes Research Federation – are being set up to try to develop a prototype vaccine to protect children and teenagers with or at high risk of type 1 diabetes, the paper says.

The hope is to have a vaccine ready in around 10 years.

The BBC reports that MPs are likely to back the introduction of ‘plain’ cigarette packaging later today.

The Commons vote comes after four years of wrangling after the Government originally pledged to consider the proposal in 2011. If passed the plain packages should be introduced next year.

According to proponents, mounting evidence shows the plain packaging – which would actually carry graphic medical images and warnings alongside the name of the brand in plain writing – helps cut smoking, although tobacco industry representatives claim there is a ‘complete lack’ of evidence it will work.

Lastly, having regular sex later in life may keep your mind and memory sharp according to Dutch research reported in the Daily Mail.

Apparently, people who had reported being satisfied with their sex life and that sex was important rated better than others on a battery of tests testing memory and the ability to think abstractly.




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