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Vision Awards 2011

Now in their third year, the Vision Awards recognise and reward the efforts of trailblazing consortiums

01 November 2011

There is no turning back for GP commissioners. With the passing of the health bill and pathfinder consortia now covering more than 50 per cent of the English population, the point of no return has been reached.

In this landmark year, as implementation of the Government's major reforms begins, the need to showcase and reward what GP commissioning has done for the NHS has never been greater.

Now in their third year, the Vision Awards recognise and reward the efforts of trailblazing consortia.

To reflect this shift in budget responsibility to GPs, this year's award categories have been tailored to encourage entries from consortia that have looked at the bigger local picture and achieved results.

The financial pressures on the NHS are also starting to kick in and with this in mind we have included awards that reward efficiency and innovation.

As the foundations for the future of a GP-led NHS are laid, there has not been a better time to associate your brand with the commissioning pioneers and inspire others to take up the commissioning gauntlet.

Last year's Awards attracted hundreds of entries from around the country, with representatives from the shortlisted entries invited to attend a glittering black-tie awards dinner.


Most advanced GP consortium

The most coveted award, the winner will be a consortium that has effected real change among local GPs, seriously tackled the local NHS service provision and achieved solid results on a large scale.

Best integrated care model

The health bill is emphatic that GP commissioners must work with secondary care, local authorities and other partners, such as the third sector, to deliver a world class health service.

Numerous examples exist of consortia that have achieved results by involving others in their commissioning pathways, be it consultants or other partners, to deliver real quality for patients.

Best outcomes-focused redesign

A new category for 2011, this award will recognise those consortia that have set out with a clear vision that they have seen through, to deliver real outcomes. That may be better clinical results for patients, a reduction in waiting lists, more convenient services closer to patients or big cost savings.

The health bill is very clear that delivering outcomes – rather than simply redesigning services – will be the measure of consortia success.

The winner will illustrate the outcomes they set, obstacles they had to overcome in the redesign process and systems they implemented to measure if the outcomes were met.

Best patient involvement

Another new category for 2011, this award builds on the previous very popular Improving Services for Patients category. Consortia are keen to work with patients and judges will be looking for commissioning examples that have patients at the heart of what they do.

The entry could be a unique model of governance where the consortium has patients on its executive board, or a single pathway that has connected with patients in a positive and unique way.

Best care closer to home initiative

The pressure to shift services out of hospital has never been greater.

This award will highlight the innovative and the brave. Entries could range from a virtual ward using telehealth devices or a new one-stop gynaecology service running from a GP practice.

Consortium manager of the year

Behind every great consortium, there's a great manager. Some entrants may already have worked for the GP commissioning group for a number of years, while others will have recently moved from PCTs where they had built up a good working relationship with local GPs.

This reward will recognise the significant role consortia managers have to play in the success of commissioning in the years ahead.

Best GP provider

A number of GPs are already providing services to their local consortia, either as individuals or as part of a GP-led provider organisation.

This award will recognise the contribution such providers, with their unique patient and local knowledge, make to the NHS family.

Best respiratory initiative

COPD costs the NHS £2 billion a year and will quickly become a target area for commissioning consortia. Variations in the quality of asthma care will also be tackled by GP commissioning as peer review starts to take shape.

This award will be open to respiratory redesigns or work done by consortia to change the clinical behaviour of GPs for the benefit of patients.

Best efficiency innovation

If the NHS is to survive, it must become more efficient.

This award will reward consortia that have already started to make efficiency savings be it the sharing of back-office functions, reduced referrals, more rational prescribing, or a new innovative pathway - for example group consultations or earlier intervention avert the need for expensive care later.

Best use of data

The importance of quality data for GP commissioners cannot be understated.

This award will reward consortia that have effectively used data to inform commissioning decisions that have resulted in good outcomes for patients.



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