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Voters ‘trust Tories to run NHS’, Clegg turns insurance man and the homeopathy chief arrested on suspicion of fraud

By Ian Quinn

Our roundup of the news headlines on Tuesday 27 April.

The band of newspaper editors and their publishers longing for a Tory victory have pushed a call for GPs to be forced to take back responsibility for out of hours care to the top of today's agenda.

The Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph both go big on a Harris poll which claims the public narrowly trusts the Tories ahead of Labour to manage the NHS effectively.

However, the poll also sees a huge majority of participants in favour of GPs taking back responsibility for evening and weekend care, with 67% in favour.

The Mail says the poll shows ‘grave concern' over the opt-out of out-of-hours by GPs, while the Telegraph claims the Conservatives are now the most ‘trusted' to run the health service - despite 76% of those polled stating that the NHS has got better under Labour.

Almost half of those in the poll believed the NHS should be exempt from all cuts so whoever takes power, patients better be prepared to be disappointed.

The Mail also turns on Nick Cleggs plans for the NHS to be broken up, reporting his call for the UK to consider a European-style insurance system, alongside his U-turn over whether God exists.

Several of today's papers cover a call by the general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing for heroin to be provided free to addicts on the NHS, to help wean them off the drug-as if there is any chance of anything coming free these days.

Perhaps the most eye-catching of today's headlines, however, is news on the front page of the Guardian that a former senior aide to Prince Charles's homeopathy-supporting Foundation for Integrated Health has been arrested on suspicion of fraud and money-laundering from the charity, after the alleged discovery of a £300,000 black hole in the books.

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