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We must fight this pointless CQC red tape

I have friends who are dentists and who have just gone through registration with the Care Quality Commission, and they tell me it is a total waste of time and effort, leading to no gains and no patient benefit whatsoever.

News: GPs face year of severe stress over CQC red tape

I know registration is a legal requirement, but bad laws and regulations need opposing. If all practices within a consortium, or even nationally, boycott this, then they will have to change.

Dental practices were not strong enough to oppose this, as they could be picked off one by one with their ability to practise compromised, but united we present a much more powerful group.

It is time to stop moaning and act against this state control. George Orwell was right when he wrote 1984. I suggest Pulse leads the way.

From Dr Robert Cullen, Dymchurch, Kent, via