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‘We wouldn’t buy a used car from Lansley’ says BMA motion

By Ian Quinn

Health secretary Andrew Lansley is facing a rough ride at next week's Special Representative Meeting, but if one motion is to be believed he should give up on an alternative career in the automotive trade should he be forced to step down.

A motion by Birmingham Division of the BMA, among several calling for a vote of no confidence in the health secretary, reads that it ‘would not buy a used car off someone who had trumpeted no "top down" re-organisations of the NHS prior to being elected and then proceeds to introduce a massive and clearly long planned re-organisation of the NHS after being elected.'

Many motions call for the Government to reverse its top down plans, with GP leaders to make several votes set to attack the scale and pace of Mr Lansley's reforms.

A recent Pulse poll of 450 GPs showed more than half of GPs had no confidence in the health secretary, with 56%of those reponding saying they had ‘no confidence' in Mr Lansley, compared with 37% who had ‘some confidence' and just 7% who had ‘great confidence' in him.

'We wouldn't buy a used car from Lansley' says BMA motion