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What made the headlines in 2015

1. GP trainee died by suicide after fearing GMC suspension

Dr James Halcrow was voted ‘Trainee GP of the Year’, but died after fearing he would be struck off by the GMC for failing an alcohol test.

dr halcrow 3x2

dr halcrow 3×2


2. Professor Steve Field says GPs have ‘failed as a profession’

The CQC’s chief inspector of general practice said that he was ‘ashamed’ to be a GP at times because of the care being offered by some practices, in an interview with the Daily Mail.

prof steve field 3x2

prof steve field 3×2


3. GPs told to carry out review of patients taking pregabalin ‘as soon as possible’

CCGs issued guidance in March to GPs instructing them to carry out an urgent review of patients taking pregabalin following a High Court ruling.

Prescription Form

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4. GPs should move away from ‘mentality’ of clocking off at 7pm, says Hunt

The health secretary called for a move away from ‘gatekeepers’ who think it’s not their problem to deal with patients after ‘the surgery closes at 7 o’clock’.

Clock Calander-banner 1-online

Clock Calander-banner 1-online


5. GPs’ diagnostic skills could be obsolete within 20 years, says Hunt

The health secretary again caused controversy after saying at a fringe session at the Conservative party conference that Silicon Valley tech ‘gurus’ were confident diagnosis by humans would be obsolete within two decades.

jeremy hunt 330x170

jeremy hunt 330×170