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Whatever happened to the NHS’ halycon days

I am beginning to wonder if I am the only GP, apart from my partner, who just wants to be a doctor and has no desire to be a commissioner.

I don’t think I will be very good at commissioning because, by and large, I want my patients to get the treatment that I think they need.

Being a dinosaur I can remember those halcyon days when patients went into hospital for whatever they needed, for as long as was necessary, and the NHS paid. There were no bills, restricted funds, commissioning managers, data validation and so on. It was not perfect but at least the bulk of the money was spent directly on patient care.

Any chance of that happening before I retire? Sadly, as I have only about four years to go I think it is incredibly unlikely. Which is a pity because if it did change I might be tempted to stay on.

From Dr Diana Lowry
Epping, Essex