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Why cut NHS homeopathy?

What the study of homeopathy in rheumatoid arthritis shows is that homeopathy works ('Effect of homeopathy 'due to consultation'').

Patients with arthritis who choose to have a homeopathic consultation and take a homeopathic medicine derive benefit from this. We may have different ideas as to how it works, but that the process benefited them is certain. Even if critics believe homeopathic doctors have simply mastered the art of the ‘therapeutic consultation', why cut the tiny cost of NHS homeopathy? And who would treat the patients who benefit from seeing NHS homeopathic doctors?

As for the Pulse survey that says 80% of 800 GPs think the NHS should cut homeopathy, their opinion is respected as nobody can force them to refer. The issue is about the rest of us being bullied and prevented from referring patients for NHS homeopathy.

From Dr Brian Kaplan, central London