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Why I am standing for RCGP Council,

Why should I like to serve on the RCGP Council? What would I do differently from all others?

GPs are the backbone of the NHS. The RCGP leads the medical profession today, nationally and internationally, because it has the largest membership among all the royal colleges. I am passionate about retaining and increasing college membership.

With my wide experience, having served on the RCGP communication executive, publication and international committees, and also having been the provost of the North and West London Faculty as well as editor of Faculty News, I shall actively support council to encourage:

• retired members to retain membership

• all members to get college support in their revalidation, recertification and continued professional development

• gender equality and ethnic diversity among membership and its council

• locum and salaried GPs to join membership and fellowship

• young GPs with recent MRCGP, who are reluctant to join the college, to join and be proud of it.

I believe that united we stand and divided we fall. Our college should lead in the quality of care for patients, who are the most important people in medicine. The BMA should be supported to act as a trade union of all doctors and the Government to govern after democratic consultation. In Britain, unity is our strength.


From Dr Bashir Qureshi, Hounslow, west London, RCGP Council candidate